The HP Limited Retirement Benefits Plan

The Trustee

The Trustee is responsible for running the Plan and is supported by a secretariat team and a range of professional advisers. The Trustee board meets at least quarterly and receives reports from its Sub-Committees. The responsibilities of the Trustee are extensive.

The size of the assets and membership of the Plan requires considerable time and careful governance to ensure that member benefits are safeguarded.

The Plan Trustee is Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK Pension Trustee Limited. It has a Board of eight directors, five (including the Chairman) are appointed by the Company. The remaining three are nominated by the Plan members. The Current Directors are:

Company Trustee Directors

  • Paul Early (Chairman)
  • Jonathan Lord
  • Gill Manning
  • Keith Norrington
  • Martin Smith

Member Nominated Trustee Directors

  • Beverly Clements
  • Philip French
  • Phil Lawman

The Committees

There are currently five Sub-Committees

The role of the Trustee

Who Can Apply?

Current Trustee Directors