The HP Limited Retirement Benefits Plan

What happens next?

From 1 November 2022 there will be three vacancies when the term of office for the existing MNTDs expires.

Although the current MNTDs are putting themselves forward for reselection, you have the opportunity to nominate yourself for selection.

Each candidate requires a nomination from at least one other member of the Plan. If you wish to nominate yourself, please complete the online Trustee Nomination Form by 1 July 2022.

In addition to completing the nomination form, you must also complete a biography and selection statement.

This should include the following

  • Details of any activities, relevant background or qualifications that you believe would be pertinent to the role, including financial and investment aspects.
  • Why you wish to become an MNTD.
  • The qualities you think you could bring to the role.

The role of the Trustee

Who Can Apply?

Current Trustee Directors