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Selection Statement - Please provide details on why you would like to be an MNTD and what qualities you consider you could bring to the role.

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Please upload your passport size photo to include with your election statement.

Member who supports your nomination


  • If selected I would be willing to serve as a Director of Trustee Company
  • I meet the eligibilty criteria for a member
  • I have not been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty or deception (unless the conviction is spent)
  • I am not an undischarged bankrupt
  • I do not have propery in Scotland that is covered by a sequestration order; and
  • I know of no legal reason why I cannot serve as Director of the Trustee Company

I understand and accept that candidates will be interviewd by current members of the Trustee Board and that their decision in respect of Member Nominated Director appointments will be final.


The role of the Trustee

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